YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE, ANS. NOT THE ONLY ONE. I have an intense love and hate relationship with the series, but most of my love lies for the characters that Suzanne Collins unjustly slaughters off. And the hate lies for everything else, but especially the writing. The writing is not excellent.

Oh good, it just seems that everyone is raving about how wonderful it is and I’m just like… really? Is it really that wonderful? I mean, Suzanne Collins has definitely re-imagined the setting to be an interesting place but it’s just not executed very well. And I dislike how Mary Sue Katniss is but I actually quite like most of the other characters which Collins puts NO emphasis on. 

I think the reason why everyone thinks it’s so great is because Collins is probably the first author to introduce it into the YA fiction section. There are so many adult fiction that have already incorporated a similar setting. *sigh* YA fiction these days makes me sad; the repetitive writing style, characters, plots etc etc. It’s like there’s a certain boring framework every YA author has to follow. Or maybe I’m just too old for it now that every flaw is like a glaring unlikeable-no-matter-what error.

SINCE I CAN’T REBLOG YOUR RESPONSE (Tumblr, you do this to spite, I know it), here we go. The biggest issue I have with The Hunger Games is the lack of plausibility of the universe. Adults airbrush their skin tones to look like walking rainbows and undergo surgical procedure to have cat whiskers in the future- why would anyone fancy that. I understand your feelings with YA fic entirely, I think that’s essentially the element that makes up YA- love triangles. WHY HAVE PLOT WHEN YOU CAN HAVE BOYS.

Haha, I took the time to *reblog* the responses :D But I do agree with you. I think if Collins wanted to go that far, she’d have to build it better. My problem is that everything felt shallow, she only superficially covered various aspects. It’s almost like Twilight all over again, why do books that don’t deserve so much attention, get so much attention? Why do people no longer rave about wonderfully written literature? And oh gosh, the love triangles HAVE GOT TO STOP. They’re absolutely trite and it’s like, if the YA doesn’t have some sort of love triangle or harem going on… then it’s no longer classified as YA. At least Peeta wasn’t some bad but hot as hell boy or angelic, wonderfully, dazzling boy. I felt that his character wasn’t the recycled character… though Katniss definitely was. 

I certainly think I even enjoyed City of Bones more than this book. The “idea” may not be the most original (nor is HG actually) but that one was rather witty and clever. And the characters were pretty well-rounded and likeable. 

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    Haha, I took the time to *reblog* the responses :D But I do agree with you. I think if Collins wanted to go that far,...